Bedroom Furniture Solihull

At MJS interiors we don’t just sell you amazing bedroom furniture throughout Solihull, we design and fit it too. We believe in what we sell and will only give you the very best furniture for you and your requirements, which is why we are happy to provide a 10-year guarantee with our fitted bedrooms, home offices and studies.

Our 18 style options and choice of 20 colours means that we provide 360 variations of bedrooms, studies and home offices which are made and fitted to your bespoke measurements. Our Solihull furniture supply service expands beyond supplying and fitting one of our 360 variant rooms as we also offer a selection of brilliant handles which meet the same high style and quality standards as our furniture.

Home Offices and Studies Solihull

We provide a home office and study design and fitting service across Solihull, transforming rooms into the perfect place to work, read and relax. Even when working from home it is good to be able to separate work life and personal life and creating the ideal work space which is apart from the remainder of your home is the perfect way to do this. Having one room in which your work stays is a great idea but that room needs to be fit for purpose.

Here at MJS Interiors, we understand the benefits of a home office from avoiding rush hour traffic to being able to wear your slippers to work but we also understand that these benefits are much easier to enjoy when your home office is a stylish, made to fit masterpiece designed, made and fitted by industry experts. With years of experience designing and fitting studies and home offices in Solihull, we are proud of our work and are confident you will love it too which is why all our home offices come with a 10-year guarantee.

Bedroom Furniture Solihull

With the same high-quality materials, craftmanship and design we use to create incredible fitted bedrooms, we offer our fitted bedrooms throughout Solihull and work to the same high standards found across all our work. Our wide array of fitted bedroom styles can seamlessly implement a variety of different bedroom furniture meaning that we can culminate your design preferences with your functionality needs to create the perfect fitted bedroom for you.

Working in Solihull, our tradesmen are fully qualified and certified with extensive knowledge and experience which allows them to produce fantastic results every time, leaving a fitted bedroom that you will be proud to call your own.

Wardrobes & Storage Space Solihull

Within our outstanding fitted home offices, studies, and bedrooms we incorporate amazing storage solutions but we also offer fantastic storage as a standalone service in Solihull. Whether you are seeking a fitted living room to give you a more spacious room with ideal storage or are in need of a wardrobe to increase your bedrooms storage options we are able to help. We can expertly incorporate bookcases, shelves, cabinets and more into our designs and provide your home with the storage it needs.

We work with rooms of all shapes and sizes to give you a stylish fitted room filled with storage solutions. We cover all of Solihull working with you from design through to fitting to ensure you love your fitted rooms as much as we do.